Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

Career Management & Leadership Development with Marge Ang

Empowering women to build resilient careers and lead with clarity, confidence and connection.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills with High-Impact Results

You are an exceptional, creative leader and keep raising the bar for yourself and your team. You see limitless possibilities ahead.

But in our fast-changing world, you simply can’t predict what’s around the corner, or have all the right answers. You need support.

Build a Rewarding, Resilient Career

You have bold ambitions and a bright vision for your career. Along the way, you’ve slayed dragons and scored many wins.

And sometimes you feel stuck, unable to move forward. You face unexpected challenges (real or perceived) and need clarity. Or a confidence boost.

Bring your whole self to work - it's in our imperfections that we bring our greatness.

Ann MukherjeeChairman and CEO, North America at Pernod Ricard

Proud and fortunate to work with leaders from
many exciting organizations including:

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Leadership Development

Executive Effectiveness

Successful Onboarding

Career Management

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Here’s the Truth…


of global workers are considering leaving their jobs


billion spent in annual millennial turnover cost to the U.S. economy


ROI from executive coaching including financial benefits from employee retention


at a Fortune 500 firm say employee productivity and satisfaction were most positively impacted by coaching

Sources (left to right): 1) ErgonimicTrends.com, “11 Shocking Statistics on the Great Resignation;” 2) Gallup Report; 3) & 4) Executive Briefing: Case Study on the Return of the Investment of Executive Coaching. Metrix Global, LLC, Merrill C. Anderson, PhD

Meet Marge

I’m super fortunate to have a great marketing career. Lived in the business trenches, held leadership roles in Global Fortune 500 tech companies and startups, and partnered with CXOs.

But for every promotion, product launch, and accomplishment, I’ve also experienced setbacks, layoffs and corporate restructurings.

Leading teams in organizations also came with its own challenges.

During these transitions, my confidence was tested and broken many times.

Coaching gave me a fresh perspective, and empowered me to pivot successfully.

BlueMonk Leadership was founded from the perspective of navigating my own career changes.

Our mission is to guide and empower women to build resilient careers and lead with clarity, confidence, and connection.

And with a touch of creativity!

MBA, General Management and Marketing Concentration

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Co-Active Training Institute


Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
International Coaching Federation (ICF)


You have enormous creative brainpower, so feed the outcome you seek, not the one you fear.

Jenny Blakeauthor, founder and CEO, The Pivot Method

You gave me the confidence to get through grad school, pursue my dreams and be myself during my job hunt and the interview process. I cannot begin to express how much our sessions helped me. You gave me the reassurance of my self-worth when I was questioning my competency with my work. And you gave me the sanity to keep going to the finish line when there was so much pressure!

EllineProduct Development Engineer, Renewable Energy Manufacturing

In three sessions, Marge not only helped me solidify my desire to switch into product management, but also and helped me create an actionable roadmap to do it. A few months later, I made the switch, and I'm so grateful for her guidance!

EliseSoftware Engineer, Fintech

The most significant change I've experienced from Marge's coaching is that I've learned to become much more vocal and confident.

SamSales Director, Fortune 200 Medical Devices

I was really fortunate to have Marge as a coach. She was extremely attentive and gave me the support I needed to gain confidence in my job search process and improve my personal brand. I appreciated how she guided me to find my own solutions to my problems.

SanjanaMarketing Strategy Consultant

Marge helped me approach my internship with an open mind. This has really changed my perspective on tech, from something I felt stuck within to something I could learn immensely from and enjoy while doing so. Marge’s coaching made a difference in my life!

YulieSoftware Engineer, Social Tech

Our coaching sessions have empowered me with a better understanding of how to approach my goals. Marge helped me break down my fears into bite-sized steps that I can handle. Her support and encouragement are important to me as an Asian American immigrant from China – I’m able to pursue my dreams, no matter how unlikely they may seem.

ShirleyData Science Researcher

I would always come away from our sessions feeling inspired and motivated to do the things I knew I needed to do. Marge guided me through our sessions to find a specific focus and asked poignant questions to stimulate a new way of thinking. I’d highly recommend Marge as a coach!

NicolaSoul Coach and Entrepreneur

Marge is a great coach! She's an excellent listener and asked the right questions to help me develop solutions on my own.

RyanMarketing Director, Fortune 500 Pharma

Marge is an excellent career coach! Our sessions gave me clarity and direction for my next opportunity – this was my biggest issue and we made a breakthrough.

JayFinance Director, Fortune 500 BioPharma